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Wiring Diagram Help Please


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ok, so im going to build a preamp/buffer for my piezo as described in the mintbox thread (im assuming this is a preamp/buffer and not just a buffer. if not how do i make a preamp!?). what i need help with is how to go about wiring the rest of the guitar to suit. i know the piezo must got to the preamp first before any switches, but other than that im pretty clueless. if anyone could help me with a wiring diagram for the following that would be great.

i want to have my 2 humbuckers going to a 3 way toggle switch, a kill switch (on/off/on), a coil tap each(voicing outer coils) with a volume pot (250 or 500? or what?) each and a master tone. then the piezo - preamp -with an on/off switch, a switch selecting piezo/magnetic/both and volume (25k?) all going to a stereo jack socket.

does this all seem ok? any suggestions on better configurations is good too. if you cant put a wiring diagram onto here then email me with it at anthonyfrudd@hotmail.com.

please someone help a poor little lost boy

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