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Remove Streak/knot From Maple By Bleaching?

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A lot of the time Birdsey has a combination of heart and sap wood. This is just because of the way it is cut to get the best Birdsey figure. It may be possible to lighten the darker areas,but most likely they will not look exactly the same. If it were just staining you would probably get better results. However I am just talking as I have not seen the piece. As Mattia pointed out a picture would probably help.

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Sorry....I really forgot about this thread. Here is a picture of what I am talking about:


In a word...probably not. It's wood. It's got streaks, character and colour. That's the way of things.

Thats my way of thinking usually, but sometimes there simply are situations where you DONT want these imperfections to show....especially as the piece is already a completed neck and the streak showed during final sanding....I dont expect to get rid of it by bleaching, but as I never bleached wood I am curious....maybe it will get rid of it?

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