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Out Of These Three, Which Spokeshave Would You Suggest As A First/all


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Hey guys, just wondering ..

I'm gathering all my tools for my guitar project..I just wanted to know which one of these would absolutely needed (I suppose it'll be mainly used for the neck/heel/headstock area...I doubt I'll roundover my guit with this (will use a router with bit for more accuracy)


is a,b or c the one that I should get ? or are the three absolutely necessary ?

thanks !

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Which one's absolutely needed: none.

A good spokeshave is wonderful, I'm sure, but only when kept very sharp (so invest in some good water or oilstones, and learn to use them); I've only had lousy ones, and only found them useful for shaping the shaft (straight bits) of the neck, and we're talking the straight-bladed one.

For the headstock and heel transitions, rasps (half-round, round) and scrapers (a selection) are the tools you're likely to want. Or a chisel if it's gotta be edged, probably a pair of skew chisels, actually. My main neck-shaping tools: cabinetmaker's rasp (if you're gonna spend, get a Nicholson #49, lee valley carries those as well; I've got a hand-cut pair of Herdims, german-made rasps, and they're really quite lovely, excellent tools), microplane rasp, shinto rasp, assorted scrapers, round surform (will be replaced with a round microplane rasp), chisels for acoustic guitar heels.

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