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Truss Rod Nut Specifications

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Like a fool I overtightened the truss rod nut on my Squier Precision Bass. Yep you guessed it, the truss rod sheared off just as it goes into the truss rod nut.

First thought was to scrap the neck and get a nice maple one. I may still do this . Then , having nothing to lose, I tried digging out the truss rod anchor from the base of the neck and have been able to withdraw the broken rod through a slot cut in the heel ( which will not show at all when filled and the bass is assembled.

I have ordered a new truss rod nut ( Fender American Standard type) and my intention is to thread the broken end of the rod to suit and to move the anchor position in the base of the neck a little towards the headstock so that there is a suitable protrusion in the headstock adjusting slot for the nut to engage.

My questions are:-

Does anyone know the thread size and type in the AmS truss rod nut ?

How much protrusion into the adjusting slot should I allow for ,given that the neck has quite a bow and that I would probably have to add at least one washer under the nut to straighten it to spec ?

Also what type of filler should I use to restore the strength of the slotted neck?

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