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Cncing A Mirror Jem/mahogany And Maple Rg

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My next project is to be one of the above. I have a fully capable of making a guitar cnc machine at school, which i can use up until june so i need to get cracking. I have full plans of a jem (off jemsite.com) in 3ds and dxf formats. Any idea how to program this into the machine at school, what parameters i need to use etc.

Project one, mahogany/maple RG

Standard RG shape, im thinking of using my jem template with the monkey grip filled in to be honest, as i cannot find a really good plan of an RG. I would cut the body exactly [the thickness of maple top] thinner than specified, and then fold and glue the maple on, then use a flush bit router or indeed the machine again to cut the maple to size. Pickup holes and the like could then be added either by router or machine, then proceed to painting dyeing etc etc. Swineshead would be the pickup source here and most likely in the JEM, im thinking Xbucker/runaway.

Project two, mirror Jem

Copying duff beer kid, (SO much kudos) with the mirror acrylic idea, i would cut out the jem body in alder, 3mm thinner than on the spec sheet then bend a sheet of mirror acrylic to size and glue on. All the excess could then be trimmed and the routing redone (machine). I

I am planning on buying an AANJ neck for both these projects, are JEM necks the same as normal wizard/wizard 2 neck pockets? Would i need to adjust any dimensions at all? I actually havent been able to find a satisfactory plan for the neck pocket, i may just use the dimensions of the AANJ neck i have in my posession at the moment....

Rip me to shreds guys, its the way my project will evolve....

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I didnt fold the plastic man, the plastic guy told me there was a way too but i couldnt figure out how. Same with the maple, you dont fold it for the arm rest, u have the maple the same all the way across, then use a spokeshave and scrape down the edge, just a heads up :D . Im more then willing to help u in anyway i can with my knowledge of the plastic and how to do it, i sent you a pm did u get it? Other then im very flattered that you are coping my idea. A mohogany, maple rg was actually gonna prolly be my neck project as well. I was gonna do a 7 string with a 5 piece through neck tho.

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