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removing a bridge

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Heat and a bridge removal knife.

First check to make sure it's not a pinned bridge (if there is inlayed dots on the wings of the bridge there are probably pins under them) if there is, drill them out first. Then using a heat gun (preferably a bridge iron but I'm guessing you don't have one) heat the center of the bridge itself, try not to get the top to hot around the bridge, the bridge wood will transfer the heat quite well. With your bridge knife, (a very thin putty knife will work too) see if it will slip under a corner, start to work it back and forth. If however it feels hard, stop, chances are the glue isn't soft enough yet and you are digging into the top itself. Be patient.

DO NOT use steam on a bridge or you risk damaging your top, popping braces loose, and damaging the finish.

Once it's warm enough, your putty knife should slide right under it and pop it off without any damage.

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