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Quick Sd1 Mods In Europe Please?


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Using THIS website http://www.musikding.de/index.php

I ordered their boost kit which should be here soon, so I'd like to mod my Boss SD1 to be a more transparent, less bright OD with a more valve sound.

This website takes paypal so I can use them and they're in Europe so it's very handy to get stuff, but I have no idea what to do exactly. I know some of you guys have things to do but I simply can't ship the pedal out and get it back here I'm affraid :D Furthermore I just want to do it yourself.

So if any of you is nice enough to show me some modding tricks on the SD1 along with the stuff I'd need. Ok sure it's asking quite a lot but I'm not looking for a brand new pedal, just some quick effective mods. Thanks everyone!

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