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Using Pickguard As Template

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I'm wondering...is it unadvisable to use a pickguard as a routing template? Will the bearing destroy the edge (non-beveled) of the pickguard?

I'm trying to prepare a template for a pickup cavity. What I'm thinking is that I can use the pickguard to make the template using a piece of MDF, which I'll then use for the actual route on the body.

That way the time the bearing will spend against the pickguard will be minimized --I'll only need that for an initial pass --once there's an edge in the mdf, I'll be able to use that to continue the route.

But I'm worried the bearing will melt the pickguard, or chew it up. I'm not sure I'll use the pickguard on this guitar, but just in case, I don't want to destroy it.

Has anyone done this?

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You could do it with a regular flush trim bit, but I would suggest one of these Notice how the cutters go all the way up to the double bearing.... The 1/4 inch is as big as you need to go. They don't burn, and work great. I have used things as thin as 1/32" with this type of bit without damaging the piece or the template. Of course I wouldn't suggest trying that. I just needed a circle cut, and it was all i had for the size I needed... :D

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