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Alcohol Vs Acetone


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Since when is Acetone an alcohol? Methanol, Propanol, sure, but Acetone? When we talke Alcohol, we tend to mean denatured, or if you don't like your booze poisoned, you can pay for pure grain alcohol (Everclear), which a lot of french polishers prefer because of the health and safety aspect.

I think the options you're looking for are 'Alcohol or water' if we're talking thinners for stains. Though I suppose you could use lacquer thinner or acetone, but I don't particularly see why.

Water gives you longer to play with the stains if you're wiping them on, because it doesn't evaporate as quickly, and opinions seem split as to which one looks better. For the sunbursts I've done, I've laid down a yellow base stain (direct on wood), sealed that, and then shot tinted black lacquer to do the actual burst. Red transitional afterwards, for those who want it.

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