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Question About Jackson Neck Pockets

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Ok guys, im about to have a bolt-on body built for me from some guy, but he doesnt have a jackson neck pocket trace.. only the standard Strat neck pockets

I have a jackson replica guitar I wanna fit into this guitar, but I dont really have a scanner or anyway to trace it for him, I told him the estimated dimensions (3 by 2 1/8th is around right) which is so similar to strat neck pockets, I was thinking if I got it, I could just do some sanding for like one mm until it fits.. Think that would work?

The one thing Im not sure about, is the rounded pocket on a strat, I THINK my jackson neck pocket is squared.. I have to double check it though, but either way I think it would be easier (and lots cheaper) to just have a strat pocket made and then get out the old sanding block and keep testing it until it fits.. Think thats a good idea?

Also, if anyone has a jackson neck pocket trace, That would help immensly.. Thanks

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