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Purple Mahogany Body

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I just wanted to mention that this guitar has been an experience. I was almost happy when I saw that my test mahogany was of a much higher quality... it's the real thing- so it was more difficult to work with as a test being that it was so red and much tighter grain. But ever since I saw the way the "GuitarFrenzy" (gotta go thru that site more thoroughly!) guys put together the blue Strat, I wanted to finish as similarly to that style as possible. I applied the black epoxy and it looks pretty cool. Little lines everywhere. It worked very nicely but with very slow strokes under the magnifier the entire time. So anyway, I'm at the point where it's sealing time. I have some questions on the black paint for the sunburst. Standard black is a start but I wonder if I should use another product rather than a lacquer based paint as it can be easy to mess up. I was going to do it that way but now am open to suggestions of what type of black to use and whether glossy, satin or flat play a part at al regarding adhesion. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot all, I appreciate the wisdom and ideas I see here.

Best regards,

Chris Martin

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