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Guyatone Lg-23 Missing Electronics


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Hey guys i'm new in tiis forum and i need you help. Just bought a guytone lg23 (made in japan) for 30 bucks without electronics except 2 pickups the problem is that i cant find wiring shematics for that guitar maybe you guys know somthing about this guitar ?





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well iv found it in the ultimate guitar book. bad news for you im afraid is - 'Guyatone "Rythm Guitar": This Fender influenced Japanese guitar was made in the early 70's. It came complete with an onboard drum machine offering five preset rythms via a rotary selector and a "Start" switch. The black knobs controlled drum volume and tempo.'

sorry, but unless you can find some original parts it looks like you're just going to have to come up with something else to do with it.

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