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Help: Hh, 5x Rotary, 2 Tone, Single Volume


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I recently got my hands on two L-500XLs, and I want to try something that will give me a little more variety in sounds. So I've decided to try the 5 way rotary method (found this diagram on the SD site). But I also want independant tone for each pickup, and a single volume.

Now this doesn't sound hard, and I will have a go at drawing up the diagram myself when I get home tonight, but if someone fancies drawing it up (or just explaining what goes where on the diagram above), I'd be very grateful.

Also, the SD site says to get the split options right you should reverse the magnet in the bridge pickup, presumably with the L-500XLs I can simply rotate the bridge pickup 180 degrees.. but then 'outer' and 'inner' coils will refer to the opposite sides of the pickup.. so I'll have to take that into account..

I also found the colour codes for Bill Lawrence pickups, if someone could confirm these please (in comparison to the SD diagram):

#	 c1-hot   c1-cold	  c2-hot   c2-cold

SD	black	white		red	  green

BL	black	green		white	red

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i dont think just turning the pickup around will do it. what they're talking about is turning the actual magnet inside the pickup, so that the poles are reversed. turning the pickup around will do nothing except having an upside down pickup.

if i were you id do some serious research before i tried anything, and make sure you know exactly what you're doing

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