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Volume And Tone Pots Backwards


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I made a flame maple pickguard for my Reverend I thought I kept everything straight the only thing I changed was the groundwire from the bridge, it was to a coil tap that's no longer used, I took it out. It's now connected to the input jack.The action of both the volume and tone pots is backwards rolling what was up on volume or tone is opposite of normal, would it be right if I switch the lug it's grounded to? :D Thanks

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the groundwire to the brige is used for a string ground so i take it you mean this

ground---coil 1---coil 2---out


ground---coil 1--- ---coil 2---out

groundwire to bridge/

the / represents the switch (sorry i dont currently have anywhere to host my pics online)

its important to use star grounding (all grounds meet at one point, other wise you will have ground loops that will cause noise i recomended this site to another member Guitar nuts )

i suspect it may have something to do with the way you connected the groundwire to the bridge

but yes if you inverted the input and ground lugs (presuming the center lug (shaft) is the output) the pots should work in the correct direction

hope this helps

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