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Schaller Roller Bridge Height?

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What is the maximum height that Schaller tune-o-matic type roller bridge can be adjusted?

So what is the max distance between strings and guitar top in the bridge?

I don't have that bridge yet and I'd like to know dimensions, because I think that my project guitar has too big neck angle.. and strings go far too high in the bridge position..


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I have a couple on some guitars - I love them, especially with a Bigsby.

I know lowered all the way down to the body, it's the same height as my other TOM's, about a half inch. I know if you raise it too awful much, the posts seem to rock slightly, or more than my other TOMs. It may be the posts flexing or rocking in the bushings, it may be the the bridge rocking on the posts (the posts it sits on are slightly shorter, and don't go through the bridge like a regular TOM - the bridge sits on a smaller pin that rests inside the bridge. This may be due to a less than perfect install on my part, and it is with a heavy hand on that bigsby. On my non-trem guitar with the same bridge, I don't think I get this rocking, and I do believe that bridge is raised higher.)

I don't think you can really raise it anymore than you could with a normal TOM. The higher of my two bridges has the bottom of the strings 5/8 off the body. I had a higher bridge on a guitar with a greater neck angle, using on of the gotoh TOM's with the thick bridge posts that are around a 1/4" at the threaded portion. (They had a much longer threaded portion than the Schaller roller bridges have as well, so you could back it out more and still have something reasonably sturdy. I don't know the exact length (I just strung this Bigsby, and I do not want to unstring it right now - it takes me way too long!) but the Schaller roller bridges have studs that I'd guesstimate at being around 5/8" shorter than these posts.

EDIT: I believe StewMac has most of the measurements you need to make a decision:



The the threaded portion of the posts on my Gotoh are measuring as slightly longer than the entire post for the Schaller bridge!

I believe this is the Gotoh bridge I have and was talking about.


You could also try one of those locking bridges (Gotoh makes one, and there's also those "Tone Pros") for more stability, but I guess that wouldn't really make a difference here?

If you really need some more height, couldn't you do something akin to what they do on Archtops bridges?

(like this:)


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