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Uber Nube Question About Saddle Sring Pitch

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Hello everyone, sry for being such a noob and im probably not lookin hard enough on the web but i cant seem to find what im lookin for, so im gonna leave it to the smarter folks here. I have a Jackson JS1, cheap but it works great for my budget, my problem is the saddles(really weak) have stripped the screws to raise and lower them, i have been lookin at new ones on ebay and found a roller nut but it says that it fits USA fender K101


it says if you have 2 1/8" or narrower string pitch they will not fit. How do i find out what string pitch my trem has? or does someone know already?


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I can't answer your direct question (I'm sure someone else will be able to) But I can tell you what I did in your situation.

When you say stripped the screws to adjust the height of the saddles, did you strip the threads or just the head that you turn with an allen key? I've done the latter, and I by taking the entire saddle off, I was able to get at the bottom of that adjustment screw, turn it out with a pair of needle nose pliers. Then I just went to hardware store, and bought a bunch of matching grub screws to replace the stripped height adjustment screws. Found them in the fastner bins in the back of the Ace Hardware. Cost me under a buck all together.

Granted, this may not be the best solution for your problem, and if you're unhappy with your bridge as it is, you should replace the parts you want. But might get you going quicker.

Actually - I looked at the link - I don't think I've ever called it "pitch" but I believe he's just talking about the string spread. How wide is it between the slots on the saddles you have now.

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na the threads inside the saddle itself is stripped, gonna need to replace em, so the 2 1/8th is that inches from the high to low E strings?

i know im stupid, lol.

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Yes, measure the string spacing from the center of the outside strings. You could use saddles that are narrower than the ones on your guitar but not wider. I'm assuming it's a standard Strat type vibrato bridge.

www.stewmac.com sells lots of replacement electric saddles and they usually have measurements for their parts on the site. They have a $30 minimum order but also lots and lots of other cool stuff.

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