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Deep Set Neck Tennon

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hey, im new here and was wondering whats your opinion?

ed roman has this to say ed roman deep set neck but theb again he is known to talk... well i wont say but you know. in theroy it seems great, there was somebody who sugested this with a bolt on/in neck on this forum.

obviously the neck would have to be angled from the point at which it joins the body so the internal tenon can reach the bridge, when trying to draw this however i ran into a problem. it was fine drawing the bottom of the digram but then i got very confused when tring to add the finger board from the angled neck to the body top.

if anyone could help it would be much apreciated.

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Jeff Miller almost uses these exclsively. Check out www.guitaristjeffmiller.com/guitars.htm On one of his projects he explains the angle about the deep set neck tenon. He doesnt comment on whether the sustain is actually affected, but its easy to see how it would be.

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thanks for the responses guys its realy cleared up the construction methods. any thoughts?

me thinks it may be time for a poll ...

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Oh Lordy, Please don't through that pole up. Do a search for these debates first.

I think this just about sums it all up- “incredibly-innovative-all-new-all-different-deep-pocket-augmented-extension-neck-mounting-technique-to-increase-and-improve-sustain-volume-and-tone-like-nothing-you’ve-ever-heard-or-played-before” :D

They had me at incredibly-innovative. :D

I think it is a nice neck joint method, and has it's good points. I believe other methods have strong points also. I do not believe any one method is superior to all other methods. It just depends on the which best suits the guitar you are building. All of the common methods out there have proven they can work and make great guitars(given they are exicuted well).


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What is rarely mentioned is how much of the extended tenon gets routed away with the neck pickup rout.

Between the heel and the portion between the pickups it is always reduced down to 1/2" or so.

I'll stick with a properly fitting joint that stops at the back of the neck pickup rout. :D


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