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Baritone Uke Scale

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after 6 years of building electrics i'd like to try my hand at something acoustic and like many i think i'll start with a tenor and baritone uke. today i received a full scale set of plans for a martin style tenor and after much searching on the net and some other forums can't find the answer to my question...how much larger is a baritone than a tenor uke? my logic tells me that i should be able to take my tenor plans to a copy center and just have them copy them at a percentage larger and have plans for a baritone. any ideas?


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I believe the standard scales are:

Soprano - 13.5 inch

Concert - 14.75 inch

Tenor - 17 inch

Baritone - 20 inch

Correct me if Im wrong please :D


thanks shimmy...i appreciate the info.

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You may want to swing by luthiersforum.com, there are a few Uke builders who might be able to point you to more interesting places. Ditto MIMF.com.

thanks..i've already joined the mimf forum and learned a great deal. lots of good info there. i just found hoffman guitars' site today and what a gold mine of hollow body building info that is. i'll check into the luthiers forum soon.

by the way everyone..i've got some beautiful pecan that i'm going to use on a tenor uke that i'm starting tomorrow. i'm going to bookmatch the top and bottom but other than having that nice bookmatched look is there any structural reason for using a two piece top or bottom instead of one solid piece?

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