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Neck-thru Question

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Hi guys

I'm having a design conundrum with my neck-thru V.

In my head the design was straightforward enough, however I've just done a detailed full size sketch and found a problem width of the neck and the positioning of the trem system screwholes (Kahler 2300 trem unit).

The planned width for the neck (mid-body) is 66mm (approx 2 5/8"), however the screw-positions for the tremolo are going to come within a few millimetres (1/8 inch) of the glued neck/wing join. Does this weaken everything too much, or am I worrying about nothing? (given that I have been known to pick-up guitars by the trem alone when having a mad-turn :D )?

I've attempted to illustrate with this hastily drawn diagram:

(not to scale!)


I thought about making the neck wider so all four screws are fixed directly to the neck, however doing this means that the routes for the pickups will be almost exactly on the neck/wing join (marked in blue on the diagram) meaning less contact area for glueing. Plus it will look like it fell straight from the ugly-tree :D

I'd welcome any guidance as I'm itching to cut my first piece of timber B)

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as long as you have a good solid glue joint and drill pilot holes for the trem screws i don't think you'll have any problem.

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