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Hey guys, Ive been thinking about the body shape for my next guitar and I think I want to go with something thats asymetrical. Not like a thunderbird or something though, here is the best way to explain it.


I own that bass, see the way its shifted? So that there are nice flowing lines?

I'm thinking the horns and basic shape of the Ibanez S-series.


But slightly shifted like the peavey bass, to give that elegant shape. I also need REALLY good upper fret access (24 fret) because I actually do use those and on alot of guitars I've played its almost impossible to get to them without radically shifting my hand position.

Other info.

HSH, FR trem, 1 vol 1 tone, 1 5-way switch, two mini switches.

If someone could either show me how to draw this out or mabye work with me on it that would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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