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Peavey Cirrus Bass

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I was at one of the local music stores and they have a cirrus bass on display sells for $1899.00 so of course i had to play it. Well i beat on it a while, not to the store clerks liking, :D Its sounded good a little fret buzz but the action was set super low. I started looking it over and noticed the frets werent crowned, they were just flat like some one leveled them and called it quits. It got me wondering if anyone else has seen this on higher end instruments or do you guys think the store itself might have something to do with it. I just find it odd that an instrument of this caliber (or so i thought) would be like this...the ibanez two stands down had a nice fret job though! :D

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I don't know if I would call a cirrus a high end bass, but they are kinda cool. A good store should do at least a basic set up on more expensive instruments (that is if they really want to sell them). I would not expect a store could afford to set up lower priced models. A full re-level and crown- That would be a pretty spendy investment on lower dollar instruments, and high end models should definately not need it (maybe a used model). I guess you never know though unless you ask them whats up.


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