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I got my first electric guitar back about 1970. It was a 3/4 size Alamo Fury (Made in USA), white with a black pickguard, one single coil pickup. I had been listening to an old Ventures album at the time, and on the cover they had matching white Mosrites. I lusted after those guitars for a long time, and when it came time to find an electric, this little Alamo screamed at me. It was the closest thing I'd seen to those Mosrites, and I had to have it.

And have it I did, for about 28 years. It was in a storage unit with a bunch of other unused equipment in 1998 that was broken into and robbed. What they didn't take they trashed. No insurance, to boot. Anyway.

I've been looking off and on for a replacement for that old guitar. I could not find even a reference to it anywhere until about a week ago when I came across one on ebay. It's the wrong color and not in great shape, and I was going to pass on it. Then like a bolt from the blue, a benefactor appeared and decided I should have that guitar. He bid on it, won it, and had it shipped directly to my door. It arrived yesterday.

Long story short, I'm looking for parts. Black pickguard & truss cover (gold embossed), bridge (rosewood hollowbody type), tuners (white button open back 6 on a plate). I'd also like a little history on the old Alamo Electronics Co, San Antonio, TX (other than the VG article on the web). All I'm asking is that you keep your eyes open and shout out if you see something. Thanks.


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