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Dimarzio Wiring Help Please


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Although I'm ok with a soldering iron I'm rubbish at getting diagrams right.

Guitar as follows:

FRED in neck

Tone Zone in bridge

3-way toggle

1 volume (push/pull)

1 tone (standard)

I want to wire the controls so the 3-way toggle will give me neck-both-bridge and I can then use the push/pull volume to coil tap the pickups.

I've thought about it as logically as I can (my brain hurts now) and I've put the following diagram together:


Would someone with a better understanding than me be able to confirm if this looks correct before I heat up the iron? :D

Many thanks for any help


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I think you missed connecting something to your push-pull switch as only the common pole lugs have any connection - that being the series link.

Depending on how you want the switch to work - one pair of lugs - either the top or bottom, needs to be connected. Either to ground or the hot side of the volume control - depending also on which coil you want to short out and which coil you want to sound when in split coil mode.

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Put all your grounds to one common point ie your tone pot. Run the bridge ground and add a switch ground to this common point.

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