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Flying Guitars

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Hey guys, I was looking around and "flying guitars" is a lot different than what I saw on the previous thread. Mainly now, I'm tempted to order their after-market necks: 24 fret, nice inlays, cheap. (BTW, they are doing direct selling via ebay now).

Anybody have any experience with them?

I've heard that the guitars at least were marginal at best, but again I'm simply looking at the aftermarket necks. I'll get my body/floyd/pickups some other avenue.

Edit: Oh, also, how interchangeable are 22 fret necks and 24 fret necks? Specifically can I retrofit a 24 fret neck onto a body that was originally designed to take a 22 fret neck? Bolt-on 25.5 scale in all cases. If there is actually no way for a "normal" retrofit, is there any workaround? Just rout out more body?

Thanks Guys

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N/m about what I last posted, I searched here and found some good results.

Although nobody has piped up about flying guitars necks? I'd like to hear something about them at least.

Thanks all

it depends how the extra frets are put on. if theres an overhang of the fretboard (like strats have) then you can just replace them but if not then you'd be changing the scale length and the frets wouldnt be in the right place

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