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Black Limba

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Im planning to order some black limba from The Nederlands. They say the wood have some wormholes, but the worms died during drying.

Is it safe?


i've never worked with limba so i don't know what kind of worms burrow into it. however, i have worked a lot with mesquite which can also have larvae in it and i've found live larvae after the wood has been in my shop for over a year. i guess you're going to have to make your decision based on the reputation of the company supplying the wood. if they've been around a while they're probably telling you the truth.

good luck

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I believe wormholes are fairly 'standard' for black limba, and aren't necessarily considered defects. That's the Arnhemse Fijnhouthandel website you're looking at there, and weird as it may seem, I'd very seriously consider ordering from Gilmer in the US (or wait until Rich has some Limba...heck, I might have some in a few months time), because last I checked their prices (75 euros ex VAT for a body blank) they were a bit too insane for stuff that I don't personally think is all that nice.

The AF is a good company, though, been in the business for a while, have some really nice wood. It's safe from worms, whatever else it is.

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As Mattia said worm holes are pretty darn common. If you see Black Limba with those cool looking Orange areas there are worm holes. It is a defect (much like Ambrosia Maple). You can find clear Black Limba. It is not hard to fill the holes and the damaged area can look super cool. As far as the insect dying during the Kiln drying process. Yes, that is most likely correct. I have blanks that have worm damage. If there is much of it. I will keep them for myself, because I am always worried someone will not want to deal with them (and of course I have pictures in my head of wood being burned at customs because of a worm holes, that would just suck). 75 euro ($94??) + VAT (tax?), that does seem a bit steep for average grade Black Limba, of course if you had it shipped from the US it would cost a couple dollars per. lb. to ship so it may be pretty close when you add shipping (may be worth it not to have to wait 6-8 weeks).

Best of luck!


P.S. It is my understanding that it is getting more challenging to get Limba (due to what is happening in Africa). It may be more difficult to aquire in the coming years (and of coarse we know what that does to prices).

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