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Epiphon Humbuckers


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I just got an opportunity to buy a set of humbuckkers from a 2005 Epiphone Les Paul Classic. The guy selling them only wants $30.00 for the set and claims they are like new. He says he bought the guitar and replaced the pickups right away and has had the pickups laying around and wants to get rid of them now.

Any of you guys have an opinion on the stock pickups Epiphone uses in the Les Paul Classic model. Are they even worth $30.00 ? They look like a open bobbin humbucker. Also, how much trouble is it to install chrome covers on these type pickups ? Is soldering the cover on enough, or do you think that they would need to be wax potted ?

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While I have no opinion on that particular model, I've never played a modern Epiphone pickup that I liked for anything other than clean tones. If cleanish sound is your thing, they seem to be decent pickups, but in general, I think I'd rather have my cheap GFS buckers over the p'ups in any of the Epiphones I've owned.

(After all, the guy probably pulled them from a guitar for a reason!)

Just my humble opinion, though.

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I have a 2004 epi and am swapping out the original pickups with Seymour Duncan 59 and JB. The epi pickups are noisy imho. Now that i got the new pickups I need to figure out how to wire them in. I am adding new pots and a push pull coil split.

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