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Hot Wire To Output Jack?


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Ok well I finally got my new SCN pickups and I've got everything soldered and good to go (except I melted the capacitor trying to de-solder it, I'll be stopping by Radio Shack tomorrow). The diagram that came with it was good, except I don't know what to solder the hot lead from the output jack to. I'm guessing that it's the wiper from the volume pot, but the diagram that came with them (and all that I've seen on the net) don't show any hot wires leaving the pickup/pot/switch config. Can anyone confirm this or if I'm wrong, tell me what to wire the hot output wire to?

Also, I found it a real pain in the butt to de-solder everything from the switch and pots. I had to get some needle-nose pliers and pull individual splinters of wire from the pots and switch. Do most of you just use a new switch/pots when you replace pickups? I imagine you get better at it with time, but I'm just curious. Thanks,


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honestly, if it's not shorting anything out, I often leave the little wire splinters there.

Did you cut the wire first? Usually, I just go in with the de-soldering braid, and suck up as much solder off the lugs as I can, and then while heating the lugs with the iron I pull the wire out with the needle-nose pliers.

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