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Hum, Single, Volume, Tone + 3way Blade


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hi. new guy here. i am trying, in vain, i might add, to rewire a guitar i have. i want to install a bridge humbucker and neck single coil. they will be wired to a 3 way blade switch and a volume and tone pot. i have experience rewiring guitars, but this one is killing me. i have been follwing a telecaster diagram because it is all i can find online that is similar to what i want to do.

it is NOT working. there is this AWFUL hum/buzz/static/squealing noise no matter what i do. i am getting very frustrated.

can anybody help me? i could really use a diagram. i am using dimarzio pickups, a super 3 in the bridge and a YJM in the neck.

any help will be greatly appreciated!!! :D



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GBT is right...we can help a bit more if we can see what is going on and what you are trying to do. One suggestion is connect one of the PU's straight to the output jack and see what happens. Do this for each PU and you will quickly know whether it is one of the PUs, the grounding (bridge or otherwise) or the switch. If both PU's sound good straight to the output jack, your problem is in the switch wiring. Squealing doesn't sound like a grounding problem but the noise sure does. Do you get any sound when you pluck the strings???...Rog

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