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Help Me With This Inlay Question Please!

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Hello guys, im SOOO sorry ive been posting alot lately on here, I am assuming im quite annoying, and I understand.. but this is like my dream guitar and im trying to get it just right, and inlays are quite important for it.

After about 6 weeks of thinking hard about the inlays and going through 2-3 big ideas, I think I finally found the one I wanna go through with. It is basically the JEM vine inlay, with a small modification on the first fret. Instead of a leaf to end off the board, its a star pedal with some sun design around it. This only takes up this last fret.

I found a very interesting thing on ebay, a guy who sells the ibanez Tree of life inlays, and fretboards, and I think someone from here said they designed it, so he is a trustworthy dude. and his prices are great! The only problem is I dont think he will modify the inlay for me, unfortunately.. and I don't know if I can do it myself, with no inlay experiance at all.

I'll start out by posting the exact fretboard I want. Its maple, 25.5" scale, with Blue and red paua shell or abalone, whatever will give it a good vibrant look without looking cheap and crappy.. The guy on ebay uses Blue mirror and Red shell, and I think those materials look great, so Maybe go with those when I buy it..


Now here are the two ebay auctions where he sells the inlays and the board seperately. He does sell them already made, but unfortunately he doesnt do what you want, he just sells what he has left over, and the only one with the blue material I like, has this ugly knot in it.. Not to mention its cheaper buying the parts seperate.



Blue Mirror and Amber swirl pearloid look like the two colours I would like. Now to get the first fret done, it would be obvious we cant cover up the first fret there. I had the idea of cutting the first fret off, and just putting a whole new piece of the maple for the first fret, so you dont have to fill the wood.. Im not totally sure on how this part will work, maybe if someone can give me an idea. That would be good

Anyways, My whole point of this thread, is I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me in some way to make this modification for my fretboard, maybe if someone has a cnc machine or can just help me out. It is only one fret, and the detail is not TOO hard, as I have the sun design (larger image) and the star, all I care is that it doesnt look bad lol.. I would really apperciate it if someone could help me.

Say the two pieces off ebay comes to $50, then shipping.. and how ever much you want to charge for the labor/materials/etc as long as its reasonable, to make the adjustments, and then ship it back to me. I will pay all shipping fees and all labors fees, like I said, as long as its a reasonable fee. I mean I dont expect to pay $300 for 1 fret being inlaid, but if its within reason, I will be glad to pay it. If anyone wants to help a fellow guitarist out, I would be so thankful! Just PM me or reply here and we can talk it over for abit.

Thanks Soo much!

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You'll get in trouble for that pic :D

640x480 max

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