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Help For Cheap Veneer Maple Top?


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Hallo..i am planning to get a rg7321, and to mod its plain black look by putting a veneer maple top on it..

The way i would like it to be is something like on rg1880.. (here/s the link to look at:


although i am completely aware that it is a top knotch work on it, i just want to have something in that style on my guitar..a transparent painted veneer, with black bursted edges (this is my attempt of explaining it in words..)

So, i have to get a nice pice of flamed (tiger) maple veneer, glue it on, then color it in transparent.. is it complicated to get that black burst effect on the edges..?

I am not planing to do it myself, of course, but just wanna know is this a complicated procedure, and is it expensive..?

i am from Serbia, and pretty much poor for the mods, so i am looking something that could afford, not too complicated, so that luthiers from here can do it, and not to rip me off..

any help highly apreciated!


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Znaci zemljak..? E, malog li sveta..!:D

Znaci imas iskustva..? E toga sam se i bojao..jer, gledajuci tutorijale koje si mi sada i ti dao, ni meni se ne cini toliko tesko, ali ipak, ne usudjujem se sam raditi nesto tako..znaci nema sanse..ali pretpostavih da ce biti jebavanja sa nalazenjem furnira..mada..videcemo..

A znas li nekog majstora kod nas koji bi to mogao uraditi,neki kontakt telefon.. i za koje pare ako znas..?

Anybody else welcome to help..?

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