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I always like hunting around in those boxes of "previously enjoyed" pickups at the mom and pop music stores. :D Ya never know what you are going to find. The guy just left me alone with the pickups and a multimeter. I settled on the early Dimarzio Superdistortion (white with the square mounting tabs) I got a solid 13.6 Kohm reading, single conductor, no fuss, no muss for installation. We settled on 50 bucks Cdn.

Its a good match for my all-mahogany neck thru (first build) in the bridge position. Very hot output, a little more than the Golden Age overwound I have in the neck position. I've done some checking around and most folks say it can be a bit large on the midrange to treble frequencies and thats about what I've experienced. All in all I think I made a good choice. :D

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