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Another Grounding Question

Logical Frank

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OK--so I have this old Peavey Strat-o-thingy that I just redid. It works and sounds great but there's a little buzz. I went through it yesterday and double checked everything and all my connections (including the ground to the tremelo claw) are good. Anyway, there's a bit of buzz that's just loud enough to be annoying that I'm trying to get rid of (probably wouldn't care if I hadn't wired this myself). It's distincly different than the buzz from the single coils and goes away completely when I touch the strings (so that means the bridge ground is set up, right?). Is there anything else to check and what can I do that might help?

I used this wiring diagram: http://static.zoovy.com/img/guitarelectron.../wdu_hss5l11_01

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Properly grounded guitars on a high gain amp will usually cause hum when you are not touching the strings.

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