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Hardware Lacquer?

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I have a guitar that's painted and lacquered and covered with stickers on top of that. I was wondering if I could just use some kind of lacquer I could pick up at a hardware store to cover the stickers so they won't peel off eventually. If this even works, would this look decent and transparent enough to see the stickers clearly? Any downside to this? Would it effect the resonance in any way?

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i thuoght you meant coating your tuners and bridge in laquer!

they sell stuff in cans like polyurathane, thats fast drying, that might work;

spray some real thick coats w/ light sanding inbetween, and (unless you have a buffer) one final coat without sanding real light so its shiny but wont collect dust;

although id suggest a tube of goo-gone instead!! :D

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First of all do you know if the finish on the guitar is nitrocellulose or polyurethane? Make sure that the finishes are compatible.

As far as spraying over the decals, I would actually do two or three very light coats to seal the decals first. Like spazzyone said, you want to be careful so the inks don't bleed. After the light coats then you can do the heavier coats to finish the job.

Good Luck. :D

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