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Help! Stain Discoloration! Unable To Match!

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HELP! I'm working on restoring a tele style guitar for a friend of mine who is a professional musician. She asked to me to refinish her guitar with a red mahogany color stain. I had the stain custom mixed at a local paint shop, sanded the body all the way down to the bare wood, stained it, and was in the process of applying and then sanding/polishing the clear coat (polyurethane) when it looks like the poly started to whiten in one spot. I've seen this happen with varnish, but never poly, so I hit it lightly with some sandpaper and realized it was through to the wood! So I clean sanded that one spot and reapplied the stain, but the spot is now several shades lighter than the rest of the body!

I've tried everything I can think of to get it to match and it just won't work. I was hoping to have this guitar ready for her by early september, so this is a bad time for this to happen.

Does anyone have ANY suggestions? I'm in a bit of a panic here.

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Did you apply a sanding sealer? ...Use a catalyzed poly finish?

Take a look at my recent post post on my repair that I did to my Fernandes Ravelle (Guitar Repair - Color and Clearcoat). It tells you what I used and has a few pics. You'd probably do better re-sanding, staining/sealing, then clear-coating. I actually mixed some color stain with the sanding sealer for my repair. It matched up quite nicely.


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