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Ash Vs Swamp Ash?

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I have been reading a lot about using Swamp Ash and the tone it provides.

So on my first trip to the lumber supply house I asked if they had Swamp Ash, they kind of looked confused, but said they didn’t have any..

had plenty of Ash, Alder, Maple(all types), different Rosewoods, Ebony, Koa, ETC.

I'm curious as to the inherent differences if I decide to go with regular Ash instead of Swamp..

any advice?

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White ash is extremely heavy and dense, and will be sort of like making a guitar of maple. Black ash is lighter and more resonant. Swamp ash is the portion of the black ash which is grown underwater, which causes it to be so light. All swamp ash goes to the guitar building industry, hence woodworkers' confusion.

Basically, look for black ash, and go by weight. They should know if it is black or white ash.

I got a really good deal from www.thewoodwell.com , but it took about 3 weeks for the wood to arrive.

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