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Buzzing Gets Louder...


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Just wired up my guitar; 2 pickups: single coil and humbucker.

I have two issues. The first is the bridge ground which I know how to take care of. The second is that the electrical buzzing gets louder when I touch the humbucker's mounting ring and screws. Not sure why this is happening.

For what its worth I get good sound through an amp.

Thanks in advance for any advice you guys toss out here.

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any time you get a buzzing when you touch a string or a pickup or the mounting screws you've got a grounding problem. you say that there's a problem with the bridge ground..fix that first and see if it fixes the other problem. if not check all your ground wires and their solder points. if you have to unsolder and then re-solder them. could be a cold solder joint.

good luck/

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