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Hello, ive recently been planning to make a guitar, and i have read melvyn hiscocks book however i cant access it at the moment to get these questions answered so i was hoping you guys could help (sorry my first post had to be questions!)

Are there any drawbacks from angling the neck on a bolt-on? I just dont see it done too often and since ive decided pretty much last minute to change from set to bolt-on for my first guitar.

I've measured the height of my t-o-m from the top of the studs to the top of the saddle, and it came out as roughly 16mm, is this the bridge height? (im not asking for an exact measurement, but are those the right places to measure from? If yes, i can calculate the neck angle :D)

And now for the most embrassing question, when someone says 'measured from the nut' what point on the nut do they mean? the dead centre, or one of the edges?

Help would be greatly appreciated!

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Welcome aboard!

You measure the nut from the edge that faces the bridge. Don't worry about asking what you would consider a simple question, there are all levels of builders here and all are welcome. (even though you'll read some threads that would seem that is not the case) Just try to use the search feature as much as you can.

It would seem like you measured the bridge correctly, and an angled bolt on is an option. I have an Ibanez LP copy that is an angled bolt on that plays very well. Enjoy!

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