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A Introduction And A Call For Advice

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hello to you all. i've been roaming this forum for months, now i post...

i'm looking to build a semi-hollow fretless 5 string bass. mostl ikely 35" scale to keep the B tight. i was thinking of using the active 3 band preamp off of my 4 string ibanez ergodyne, and adding a 3 way switch to it(switch between series, parallel? the preamp has a master volume, pickup blend, bass, mid, treble). i was always thinking of using 2 soarbar pickups also.

and as i said before, i'de liek it to be semi hollow. i plan to make it neck through, with hollow sides, and cutting out cavities for the electronics.

any advice? i have no clue how to begin building it. though i am working up a desing on autocad2005...

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I think you would get more feedback in the regular building section. This is not really an acoustic bass, it is an electric with some chambers.(maybe a moderator could move it for you)

I am curious as to what you want to acomplish by making the wings of a neck-thru hollow? Is it more of a weight reduction thing? I like the 35" scale (I think that is a good idea). I think you are on the right track by creating a full size drawing. As you draw it up be as accurate as you can possibly be (including harware). The greater the level of accuracy you place on the drawing the better your understanding of how lengths and angles will work out. After you have your drawing put together you can make very accurate templates to build with. This will keep the project accurate during the ruff stages and make the fine tuning easier (as you will be pretty close to begin with). If you get a chance, Post up a link to your drawing so we can look it over. If anything looks off or troublesome we can give you a heads up.


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Glue the wings on as solid pieces and do all your round-overs first before doing the chambering. Remove most of the material in the chambers with Forstner bits, then clean up the edges & bottom of the chambers with a router.

Leave the control cavity as its own self-contained chamber, so that you can shield it without having to shield the entire wing.

Rout some wiring channels for your pickups, control cavity and bridge ground before gluing your top on.

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