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Allparts Dispute

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im working on a 5 string right now, and i had to replace the bridge;

its not a great guit; but whatev; it needed the string spacing of 2 3/4 to 2 13/16 so i ordered an economy bridge from allparts which said the string spacing was 2 13/16;

well sir, i rested it on my body and began to line up my string path and both strings are ready to fall the edge of my guitar;

i measure my saddles (from string space to string space) and its a whopping 76mm (3")

now i dont care about the bridge because i'll just make a fingerboard that it can accomidate, so no problem;

i write them and explain my problem and ask them if they could physically measure one (or at least tell me why its off more than a 1/8 " ;

so they write me back and tell me they could send ''this one'' which happens to be the one i have problems with;

now i know you get what you paid for, but does it usaully conflict with measurements?

i dont know what they could be measuring to make up the 3/16?

is this common? i make my fingerboards to the bridges i have at the time so i dont know what will happen if i order a bridge from somewhere else? is it gonna be 3'' too?

so if anyone bought a 5 string bridge from stewmac; allparts or lmi could you measure it; and if its 2 3/4" - 2 13/16" could you please gimme the description and/or number

thank you very much

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