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Nut Making/adjusting Tools

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I was trying to find an appropriate tool for modifying the B string slot on the nut of my 5-string bass for a large (0.135) string. I didn't have anything handy, and ended up winding #200 sandpaper around the handle of a jewler's file until it had the appropriate fatness. It worked, but wasn't what you'd call outstanding.

Does anyone have ideas they'd like to share on what they've used for cutting/modifying nut slots for various sizes of strings? (they do come in a wide range, don't they?) Other than those special and expensive luthiers' special tools? It's not something I do often enough to make special tools worth owning. Not at $23 apiece, and you need all six, and even then there isn't one big enough for the B string. (Stew Mac)

On my six-strings, I've always made necessary adjustments with a (oh horror!) a triangular jewler's file. Not an elegant solution.

Could one cut small saw teeth on the edges of the blades of a feeler guage? You younger guys might not know what that is. We dinosaurs used them for setting the point gap and valve clearance on our cars. How would you cut the teeth? Or you could glue abrasive grit on the edge....

Clearly I need a better idea. Send help.

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Actually there are some alternative tools that are available. Look up the topic in the tools section. You will find a tool that is similar to feeler gauges. You will also find a tool (it is actually a torch tip cleaner-like $3 @ Home Depot) that has several gauged files. These are not as efficient as full size files, but can do the job(well.. probably not a low :D. Another trick I used to use is to start the slot with a saw blade(slightly undersized), and then use an old string. It is not super fast, but it will seat that string very well.

Good luck!


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