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Cutting Pickguard Slot For Strat Selector Switch

S F Thompson

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I'm building a couple of semi-hollow guitars- 25.5, laminated poplar, strat electronics, Bigsby knockoffs, nitro black and reranch vintage creme, sort of a nod to 60's Italian guitars but with upgraded technology.


I'll need to cut slots in the pickguard material for a non-standard locations for the strat 5-way blade switches. How do you accomplish this? Anthony at Mission Guitars suggested a drill press but I'm not so sure I can pull that off. Any suggestions?

Best Regards,

S F Thompson

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the way i cut slots is like this

most but not all 5 way switches are all the same size

i did not tink about this part last time someone asked but

take a switch apart cut off the mounting flange

take a small file and enlarge the slot lengthwise just a hair

now mark and drill the two mounting screw holes then mount the flange

use a dremel bit of the correct diameter and rout through the flange

and through the pickgaurd for a perfect fit

a drill bit could be substituted for the dremel bit

but it won't want to cut as good

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