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Es-335 Homebuild

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Hi I'm a newbie here, I've been lurking and checking things out for a bit, seems pretty cool.

Well on to the question I am planning a ES-335 type build, my first real wood build (I have just completed a test body, my first build ever, of a Danelectro U-1 using masonite on a ply frame, learned a lot). I want to combine some of the Dano elements with the ES body I am planning to use les paul stop peice bridge and scale on a hollow ES-335 body made from Silky Oak (apparently similar to what is known as lace wood in the US) as it has a really nice grain pattern and I live in the area it predominantly comes from in northern Australia. I was planning to have only a very gentle curve to the body and only having a tone block under the tailpiece with the rest of the body left essentially hollow. I was planning to leave the interior flat for simplicity as it's my first real build. Just wanted some opinions any advice would be appreciated.

Any Aussie builders out there able to give me some advice on a local timber that would be good for a neck?

Thanks, sorry for the long post,

Nathan :D

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Hi im from Melbourne . I am building a copy of a prs hollow body guitar with filtertron tv jones pickups. If you need to Know anything i can help you my email is diquattroguitars@hotmail.com also have a look at my web site www.diquattroguitars.com. All the best with your project. Ralph

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