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Aliphatic Urethane

Sand Paper

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While talking with my dad about finishing options on my project that i have yet to start, he suggested that i look into Aliphatic Urethane. Pittsburgh Paints gave me some insight on the product that they carry. It comes in all sheens up to "Ultra High Gloss" that yeilds a rating of 70 for sheen. Aparently the stuff is used on industrial equipment, oil drilling equipment, food prep surfaces, cement mixing trucks, and anything else that takes a severe beating. It's chemical resistant and as far as i can tell would be tough to remove with paint stripper. Has anyone ever worked with this stuff on a guitar? If so, how did it turn out? The downfall of this product is that it is very hard and would probably fracture in any place with some movement. In that case I'm thinking it might not be the right finish for a neck, but perfect for solid wood bodies. So has anyone used this?

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