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Over Radiusing Frets -

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Hi all

busy on my first build, holowbody Tele, bubinga body, Jacaranda top . note - not Rosewood jacaranda, it is a completely different wood I think it is native to Africa - where I am from, with a walnut neck and fret board.

I am having boat loads of fun on it :D

I have read that you need to over radius your frets a little before fretting the board.

my question is , how much is a little? I am using Gibson precut 12" frets (all they had available here) but was thinking about using a 14" radius on my fretboard.

Is the 2" difference too much?

Thanks for the help


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I am leaning towards doing it the hammering way.

I don't have access to a arbor press, I have a drill press which I am considering using, but I think hammering will be the way for me.

does anyone have a good link to a tutorial on hammering your frets? most I have seen have used a press.



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