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Strangest Feedbcak Problem Ever?!?!


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SORRY for duoble post... I'm noob and I dont know how to delete a thread...

I have a ****ing massive and strange problem thats been taking too much of my much needed time, and it is very odd.

Ive been having pickup problems for ****ing ages. After re-potting to no avail, I decided to change neck pup (as bridge seemed fine).

I got a SD Jazz, same damn problem.

So I decide, hmm, it must be pots/ switch. I got them replaced today, and wired everything up. FEEDBACK MORE THAN EVER.

( : Feedback more than ever as in, on old components only neck pickup had terrible feedback, with bridge a large amount, but nowhere near what it is now. New components, everything is ****ed, and switch is a bit different, as position 4 has no signal ... but read on to justify this)

In complete despair, I asked a good mate, what could be wrong. He gave me the idea that it could be the amp (Peavey Bandit). So I quickly went over to a mates to try out his amp(Marshall cab + head), with my lead, and what do I hear? ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT TONE.

( : although wiring may be a tad off (though it shouldnt, its the best job i've ever done, and perfect with the diagram....(yes I know SD wires are different to dimarzio, problem rectified)) the amp worked fine, position 4 still killswitch, but everything is good, and im actually happy with killswitch idea)

In relief, I think, Oh.. its the amp thats ****ed, and it comes off my mind for a few hours.

I then realise I have another amp, which I completely forgot about. I plugged my guitar in, with a brilliant plan to try and amplify my tone with my bandit (as the little amp has headphone jack, and it worked to amplify), and what do I hear?


I'm completely dumbfounded. I'm having a practice at a mates tomorrow, so I'll take my Peavey, as I don't think anything is wrong. If something was wrong, the BC Rich 12 watt amp should be fine.

I have these ideas, which seem strange, but in such a situation, i'm just stuck.

a) guitar wiring is ****ed, problem I thought to be initially, most probably something with grounding, but my mates Marshall somehow overcame the problem??. I have spent so many hours re-wiring my guitar, it is basically at perfection right now, however, with new pots and switch, only old components are the input jack, and bridge (relevant due to bridge grounding).

:D both my amps are ****ed in the exact same way, or my guitar responds differently to my amps than others??? man i'm ****ing dumbfounded.

c) A massive electromagnetic leak in my house??? I tried it em in another room without electrical devices (except for stereo) and still ****ed.

d) all of the above THAT WOULD SUCK.

Anyhow, taking amp and guitar to mates place might clear a bit up, I have a feeling feedback will still be there though... dunno why, it just feels like it. I don't have another guitar to try out, I might ask friend to bring his on weekend or ill put a pickup into my out-of-action guitar to try **** out.

I really hope someone takes time to read this, or at least skim over, and give me some ideas... PLEASE PEOPLE. I HAVE A BIG PERFORMANCE ON WEDNESDAY HOLY ****

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