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Best Hard Finish With An Oil-like Feel?


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Hey all . . . Normally, I LOVE oil finishes on maple necks. I'm working on building a strat style neck with birdseye maple though, and I just don't think that oil will cut it on this stuff. It's pretty highly figured, so it'll have a tendency to move around some and I think it really needs a hard finish.

What's a good, hard finish that I can use without spray equipment? (I've done bodies in nitro out of the cans, but I haven't tackled a neck yet)

Any info would be appreciated! Thanks folks!

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I am not sure if this is what you need but I have used gunstock oil successfully on a birdseye tele neck and turned out really good and haven't had any problems with it.

Where do you find that?

Did you do anything else special to the neck, like carbon fiber rods or something/

Thanks! :D

EDIT: I was doing some searching on Woodcraft's site and found they carry Tru-Oil. I think I may go his route. Thanks for the help!

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I got mine from one of my buddies who builds muskets and rifles you should be able to find it at any local gunshop and if they don't have it they'll know where you can get it but now that you mention it tru oil sounds right to me but I just wiped it on and built it up and didn't sand till it wass good and hard.

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you could also use something like minwax satin polyurethane just brush it on and it levels itself. Id personally stay away from the gloss though. I had good success with soloist that had a flamed maple and purple heart lam neck. Decent speed too.


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