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Hello ev'rybody,

I was surfing the net and found some beautiful display cases such as Display-and-play but unfortunately they're very expensive and not distributed here in Italy... :D:D

I was wondering if someone has tried to build one and could give me some advice...

Thanks in advance.


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oh man that looks easy to make!

looks like a stable frame(maybe 1") whatever backing wood.

then a 1/4" pad for the sides and back covered in a material and pressed flush.

then either a piece of lexan or 1/4 glass(heavy) with hinges and a clamp magnet for the closing side.

although 399 isnt that bad at all for somthing like that, especially because glass that size would be about 40, the hardware, the wood, the material, Foam pad, finish on the wood, the guitar hanger, and all the mounting hardware.

I couldnt see making it for much less then 200 or 300. and thats with me doing the labor.

It would cost arround the same as the custom case thread on here, but with a big piece of glass.

Now you could allways do some otherways cheaper, but IMO it wouldnt come out as nice.

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I know they're very attractive, the tweed covered one is even fabulous!!!

But it's unconceivable to think of buying them in USA and to have them shipped to Italy.

A nice display case from Display-and-play is 369 (the Tweed or Tolex are much more) , it would cost a hundred dollars for the shipping plus duties, it takes the total to at least 550 bucks... Too much for me...

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true. maybe I can help describe it better.

basically, its just a big rectangular box. where the top is glass.

using whatever methods you can think of to make the box(once again Id use the tutorial on here for making cases).

Id locate a glass supplier, and see whatever readily available size wise. then design off that.

you could use nice wood and finish it, or cover it in a tweed or similar material. making sure to have the ends fold around and to the inside of the box(as this will be covered by the pad)

then use the hardware, and the magnetic closer to line up the mounting points for the hinges and latch.

then using 1/4 foam or my personal favorite, drafting model board( sometimes called poster backing) cut the pieces a flush as possible to conform to the inside shape, then cover them with whatever plush you plan on using. Id use a spray adhesive and some method of holding the cloth over the foam tightly, then fold over the back and glue/staple, being careful not to go through the otherside. then attach the foam boards to the case using a similar glue method.. or whatever you can come up with.

then id slice a slit in the cloth, and drill through the foam into the wood backing and mount the hanger.

attach the door.

that’s all a guess, while being interrupted with blue prints being slammed on my desk.

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