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Guitar Kit

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Hello folks,

I'm here because somebody I know from another board invited me.

I have played acoustic guitar for a long time, and write my own songs.

I'm planning on doing some recording and need to play electric also.

Not having a lot of money, I opted the cheap way out. I bought a Saga

Telecaster kit on ebay for 99.95. I'm waiting for it'd delivery as I write this.

I know you get what you pay for, I'm just wondering if I should have held

onto my 100 bucks. Is there any redeeming qualities to this kit? The idea of

building a guitar has always interested me, and I thought that this might be a

good place to start. I've read some good things about Saga, but only from

people selling them. I figure that if I like the way it plays, I'll upgrade to better


Your comment and opinions are welcome.

Thank you,


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