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A Bad Wiring "phenomenon"


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Sometimes when I wire my pickups I get this phenomenon, which I cant explain, the wiring becomes uneven. And it becomes uneven so that it is impossible to correct it while wiring the coi. It is kind if hard to explan, so I draw a picture! The red is the edges of the coil wire, hope you understand my problem!


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hi Calavera,

if i had to GUESS, i'd say the early part of the winding is too loose, and the later winding is causing the wire that's already wound to shift.

it seems like having the tension fairly high in the beginning, and decreasing as you go, would probably minimize this.

but as i said at the outset, this is just a guess.


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hi Stan,

that sure sounds more likely than what i thought!

Yep, it's a problem that I had when I first started winding. It drove me crazy until I figured out what was causing it. I used a small square to adjust my bobbin plate to my winder shaft and it hasn't happened since.


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