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Unknown Wiring Code

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I used this tutorial http://www.projectguitar.com/tut/pickupwiring.htm to find out the wiring code for my 4 conductor humbucker of unknown origin. Anyway, following the tutorial I found out that the black and white wires go together, with the black being the positive. The green and red also go together, with the green being the positive.

Now, I do not want to wire for coil-tapping or anything like that. So how I do I know which one is the series link, which one is the hot lead, and which one is the ground?

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Use an ohmmeter to check resistance across the coil windings. One pole on the ground wire and one on each of the other wires. One of those wires will read approximately twice the resistance of the other two ie. across both coils in series. That will be your full HB hot. The other 2 are used for splitting the HB into single coils.

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